Jazz Re:freshed First Edition imageAs a busy CEO, partner and mother, it’s far too rare that I’m able to carve out time to involve myself in anything other than activities or events directly related to my organisation or my family. However, today I’m making it my business to find the time as I want to spread the word about the very special people at jazz re:freshed.

I was thrilled to bits when the postman delivered our post this morning as I am now the very proud owner of a First Edition jazz re:freshed scrapbook‬‬.

‪Straight out of the cardboard envelope, I have the sense this is already something of a collector’s item, for this scrapbook is striking in its look and feel (no surprises there) and a joy to have in my hands. The design, paper stock and print quality are absolutely superb, and it’s immediately obvious the whole thing has been compiled with plenty, plenty love for the music, the musicians and their audience. My 15-year-old has taken unprecedented interest: ‘they make jazz look cool’ she says, browsing each and every one of the 96 pages. She’s so right. The jazz re:freshed crew are completely on the money when it comes to ‘The Rebirth Of Fresh’.

As well as the brilliant photos and artwork, you get a free download of an album’s worth of great live music from their weekly residency at Mau Mau Bar – ‘the coolest jazz night in London’ (TimeOut Magazine). Especially interesting for me is jazz re:freshed‘s fascinating journey from its beginnings in 2003 to the end of 2014. There’s a refreshing honesty in the way they tell their story and, I have to say, I truly felt for them when I read their cautionary Japanese Mis-adventure Story. Gary and I went through similar painful moments with our own label, Dune Records but that’s another story for another day….

Making me love the jazz re:freshed crew even more than I did already, is their very nice touch dedicating this first of many scrapbooks to the young saxophonist and former member of Tomorrow’s Warriors, David Turay (and others) who sadly passed away in 2014. Such a lovely, thoughtful thing to do.

Jazz Refreshed First Edition-David Turay

All in all, it’s a very classy, very stylish publication that embodies the beautiful energy of the jazz re:freshed crew and movement. It’s a perfect way to celebrate their successes over their first ten (and a bit) years ‘infancy’ period, and now I’m seriously excited to see them grow in ‘adolescence’. They are an inspiration to all of us at Tomorrow’s Warriors (and Dune Music) and should be exceedingly proud of what they have achieved so far. Long may they continue! And long may Arts Council England continue to fund the creative genius that is jazz re:freshed (well done ACE on a very sage, forward-looking funding decision!).

As for the jazz re:freshed scrapbook, if there are still any copies available (I’d be very surprised), go grab one for yourself now! At just £10, it’s an absolute steal and worth way more than its cover price!

Love and respect to all at jazz re:freshed on producing such a magnificent ‘scrapbook’ –  a genuine labour of love – and massive congratulations on coming this far, and nailing so much success along the way. I hope you’re all incredibly proud of your achievements, and are excited about the next stage of your journey. I am, and you most certainly should be!

Janine, Gary, and all the team at TWHQ

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  1. We are lost for words! Thank you for your beautiful tribute and thank you especially for the support that yourself, Gary and Tomorrow’s Warriors have always shown us. We look forward to working more closely with you all and strengthening our relationship 🙂

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