At Tomorrow’s Warriors, we get to work with some truly wonderful people – artists, musicians, festivals, concert venues, schools, teachers, students…it’s why we absolutely LOVE what we do. Whilst we can usually be found telling everyone how wonderful our musicians and artists are, it’s really nice occasionally to hear what they have to say about us! Here are some of the latest comments…

Daisy is involved in so many things, but I value the Warriors top – the learning and opportunity is very much appreciated, and you do gigs that are a pleasure to listen to! Simon Corder, Parent of Young Musician (2014)

TW-EzraWould like to say a huge thank you to some people who have contributed to making 2013 a great one for Ezra Collective. In no particular order thank you to the staff at Tomorrow’s Warriors, Janine Irons, Gary Crosby, James Hill and all the others. Also a massive thank you to Nathaniel Facey for consistently whipping us into shape. EZRA Collective (2014)


I just wanted to say thank you all for all the commitment, hard work and important contributions that made ‘Now is the Time’ possible. It has definitely been an enjoyable and memorable time for me and, I think, for the audiences who supported the tour, many of whom have expressed to me how the project moved them. I am blessed to have worked with such a talented team and hope we can work together again real soon. Denys Baptiste (2014)

I am SO proud to have been a part of this. Thanks to Janine, Kwame, Gary and everyone too. It’s been an honour. Lemn Sissay MBE (2014)

I’d just like to say how proud I am to be involved in such a moving thing… Can’t find the words really, but you should be proud of yourself having written and produced such a moving piece of music… The emotion at the QEH gig was overwhelming and as I said, it’s the reason I do the job I do. It’s a wonderful thing when it happens… Dave Bellwood, PPA Sounds (2014)

A huge thank you goes out to Denys Baptiste and all the members of the Now is the Time Tour… Let Freedom Ring! Fantastic musicians and truly lovely people to work with. A real privilege for us to be invited to take part in your concert. A very inspired event. FCGC here for you when you come back 🙂 Falmouth Community Gospel Choir (2014)