Dr Gary Crosby OBE (Co-Founder & Artistic Director)

Gary Crosby OBE

I know there are kids from a similar background to me who, if given the opportunities, can create great art.

I try to encourage self-development. It’s a mixture of deliberation and improvisation, which requires trust in other people. It’s not curriculum style, because what we’re dealing with is art. The individuals are artists, and I want to hear what they have to say about the world. 

Anyone who claims that an OBE stands for Other Blighters’ Efforts hasn’t met Gary Crosby. Nobody invests more hands-on time in jazz education than the deep-grooving double-bassist honoured in 2009. A musician who leads by example.
Evening Standard

Few people have done more for British jazz in the last 25 years than Gary Crosby
The Jazz Man