Our Core Values

Tomorrow’s Warriors is passionate about raising confident, highly skilled music professionals, able to maximise opportunities for development. Although the focus is on individuals who are most likely to face barriers to progression in the music industry – which, statistically and anecdotally, are most likely to be Black talent and girls – the focus is also on a model that is accessible to all.

Our values reflect an ethos that is fundamental to the way we work, across all areas of our work:

  • Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of all that we do
  • We are passionate about individual self-expression
  • We are committed to high quality, excellence and continual improvement
  • We see value in reflecting our shared heritage and creating positive legacies
  • We value people as individuals and treat others as we would like to be treated
  • We strive to be a pioneering organisation leading on innovation
  • We are focused on developing effective networks and mutually beneficial collaborative working relationships.