by Sheila Maurice-Grey


Nérija, the all female Jazz septet, formed through Tomorrow’s Warriors, were given opportunity to be mentored by internationally acclaimed pianist Zoe Rahman and perform a one-off gig at Ray’s Jazz – Charing Cross Road, on 25th September.

As a member of Nérija, this experience was truly inspirational and one of its kind. Having Zoe present at the rehearsal and performance added a great energy and exuberance to the band. A remarkable pianist by any standard, working with Zoe gave us great hope as female Jazz musicians and encouraged us to strive for a similar level of success in our own careers.

During the gig we played arrangements of tunes from the Joe Henderson album In ‘n Out, alongside original compositions by band members Shirley Tetteh, Inga Eichler and Cassie Kinoshi. Cassie’s composition ‘Redemancy’ particularly stood out, with Zoe’s piano playing adding to the overall sound tremendously.

Our line-up included: Cassie Kinoshi – Alto Saxophone, Nubya Garcia – Tenor Saxophone, Sheila Maurice-Grey- Trumpet/Flugel, Rosie Turton – Trombone, Shirley Tetteh – Guitar, Inga Eichler – Double bass and Momoko Gill – Drums.

Nerija hope to continue a growing relationship with Zoe Rahman and are excited to see what the future may bring.

Zoe Rahman added “It was really inspiring to hear and work with all of the musicians and I’m happy to stay involved in any capacity they need….Looking forward to hearing them in the future!”

Nerija + Zoe Rahman

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