Now for some silly stuff….Just before Christmas, members of our team took part in a Santa cupcake decorating competition at Southbank Centre. Sadly, none of us managed to secure any of the prizes and, instead of everyone going home afterwards and simply enjoying the festive season, it sparked a debate over which of the Tomorrow’s Warriors Santas came out on top! Even now, the debate rages on, so we thought it might be fun to have our own little poll to see which Santa deserves to win the top prize of a handmade, much sought-after (in our office at least) Tomorrow’s Warriors recycled scrap paper notepad* (grrrrreat…)! What’s more…the winner gets to have his/her cake and eat it (nom nom nom)!

Only two entries have made it to our final vote – the other two were, well, er, ahem…well they just were! So, fighting it out for the top prize are Nu Civilisation Orchestra director, Peter Edwards and our Managing Director, Janine Irons. We’re sworn to secrecy about which one is which until the poll closes at midnight on 31 December! So, get voting! We’ll announce the winner on 1 January 2014.

* produced in line with our policy to operate in an environmentally responsible manner

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