By all accounts, this gang of Warriors – Gary Crosby’s Groundation – had a great gig at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, and so did the audience…


Gary Crosby's Groundation at the Arena Theatre (Photo copyright John Watson/ Gary Crosby’s Groundation at the Arena Theatre (Photo © John Watson/

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton UK
Review and photograph by John Watson 

Bassist Gary Crosby has long been a key figure on the scene, and he has the knack of creating some exceptional musical surprises.

As the boss of Dune Music, as artistic director of Tomorrow’s Warriors and as leader of the Jazz Jamaica All Stars and his bands Nu Troop and Guava, Gary established himself as a key figure on the scene, working with major established artists and also providing a platform for a great deal of exciting new talent.

His current band – Groundation – marks another milestone in the bassist’s career, featuring him with three acclaimed young players: alto saxophonist Nathaniel Facey (of Empirical), guitarist Shirley Tetteh, and drummer Moses Boyd. On Friday the musicians battled their way from London through the storms and reached the Arena Theatre…

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