TW at National Express Youth Promise

Tomorrow’s Warriors were thrilled to be invited to help National Express launch their industry-leading Youth Promise at London’s Transport Museum on 9 July. The Youth Promise is a major new travel initiative designed by young people for young people, which places them at the heart of decision-making in regard to access to public transport and the provision of affordable travel.

The Youth Promise sets out five core pledges:

  • An ongoing commitment to deliver value travel
  • Working at a grassroots level with young people in the communities across the UK
  • Supporting young people into work and education
  • Delivering the most accessible public transport network possible
  • Providing platforms on which to showcase youth talent

Following a brief presentation by National Express UK Coach Managing Director, Tom 150837-coachyouthpromiselaunchStables, a trio of our Youth Warriors performed two pieces, bringing the launch to a wonderful musical close.

Congratulations to Richie Seivwright (trombone), Daisy Corder (double bass) and Tommy Remon (guitar) who did themselves and Tomorrow’s Warriors very proud indeed with an excellent performance.

Unfortunately, a delay beyond the control of National Express meant that our trumpeter, Joe Linton had to rush off without playing a note as he needed to get back to school for another performance. This left Richie holding the baby, so to speak, and she is to be specially commended for the way she slipped effortlessly into the role of band leader.

Very well done all, and congratulations to National Express on the successful launch of this pioneering youth transport initiative.


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