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It is with the deepest sorrow that we have learned that former Tomorrow’s Warriors/Ezra Collective member, David Turay (alto sax) has passed away aged just 19 years old. We are all completely shocked and saddened.

The entire Tomorrow’s Warriors family sends out their love and sympathy to all of his family, friends and colleagues who will undoubtedly be heartbroken and in utter despair. Such a waste of a budding young talent, such a waste of a young life.

Rest in sweet musical peace, David.

5 thoughts on “RIP David Turay 1995-2014

  1. Devastating news. Such a talent and so intelligent. Will always remember his drive to be the best and how his humour captivated our business class. Will be missed by all. Mr Ali, David’s business teacher.

  2. I’m deeply saddened to hear the news that David has died. He was a truly unique up and coming voice in jazz. He was a dedicated musician who had originality, energy, a great sense of humour, depth of thought and that very rare, cherished quality-humility. He had achieved so much in his short life and was always interested in new thoughts and ideas. I just want to pass on my sympathies to David’s family, colleagues and friends and to say what a huge privilege it was to have taught him. In lessons we would often talk not just about music, jazz and musicians, but about art, philosophy, life and all the amazing people who influenced him and touched his life.

  3. Dear David,
    I first met you as I walked through the woods in Hampstead Heath one day when I heard the sound of an amazing sax, I followed it and discovered you in clearing, blowing away. I had my guitar on me, and within seconds we were jamming: The magic of friendships through music.
    You came over the house a few weeks later and we recorded this piece:
    What an amazing talent.
    Will miss you much brother, RIP

  4. I was David’s science teacher, I knew of his death at the time, now 9 years ago. I had a connection with David because I’m an amateur saxophonist and we would spend most lessons discussing our mutual love of the jazz of the bebop age to now. It is a testament to the young man’s shining soul that a reflection upon his tragic loss still makes my eyes fill. So much he had stored to give. Lot’s of love Mr Carmichael

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