Investing resources into developing young talent is the critical pipeline to a vibrant jazz scene, which also fuels a new generation of intelligent, creative people whose own innovative music making inspires more children who will follow in their footsteps.TW TRUST

Not only does Tomorrow’s Warriors unique model of music progression routes provide an excellent breeding ground for nurturing talent, we also provide a healthy and imaginative environment for young people to express themselves creatively as they develop and mature into innovative and productive young adults.

Due to significant cuts in government funding and the increasing demand for exceptional music education among young jazz musicians, many specialist programmes like ours are at risk. We need your help to survive, your support to thrive. Our Young Artist Development Programme is under severe threat as funds have already been cut.

If you would like to find out how you can help, please contact us via the form at the foot of this page.

We are determined not to let any musicians down – we won’t – they are our Family, but we can’t do this on our own. We need every ounce of support from our community, donors and partners to help us keep these programmes going. As you may know our development workshops, gigs, master classes, mentoring schemes are open to all, not only because of our deeply held philosophy about supporting talent and removing financial barriers, but they are completely free for young people aged 11- 25 because we want young jazz musicians to grow in confidence and become independent. We help them to feel free that there’s a safe place where they can to learn and develop their skills, rejoice and revel in the jazz music that we and they love. With us they are part of a like-minded community of friends and peers.

Any amount donated makes a big difference. 

Donations are tax deductible and go to our registered charity.*

To find out more about how you can help, please contact us via the form at the foot of this page.

You will want to support us because:

  1. We support musicians aged 11–25 who are keen on jazz – some who may wish to pursue a professional career – our programmes are under threat after April this year.
  2. We create access to high quality music education and professional development opportunities through our structured progression routes – master classes, year-round mentoring support, jam sessions, workshops, gigs, including hard to access opportunities to leading international jazz musicians
  3. We have a 100% track record of helping students get into higher education – conservatoires, Music College and University
  4. Care within our community is precious to us. Committed musicians deserve the chance to shine through…and be supported when facing tough times
  5. We are passionate about making sure that families and audiences are part of the ‘repertoire’
  6. We all about encouraging engagement and developing an interest in jazz music across the generations and all cultural backgrounds
  7. Young musicians need your financial support to help them make the most of their musical talent and exceptional potential
  8. Any amount donated makes a difference and supports our ability to continue to develop progressive opportunities for jazz musicians
  9. You can donate as much as you can afford, through our charity online giving site, soon to be launched!
  10. …We need volunteers, pro-bono or all kinds of in-kind support, so there are many ways you can get involved – donating instruments, help at events, promote what we do e.g. via social media …your ideas are very welcome.

Founded by the legendary Gary Crosby OBE, Tomorrow’s Warriors inspires fundamental change by increasing opportunities for all young talent to find routes into the mainstream of professional music in the UK. Open to young musicians and composers from all backgrounds, our programme has a primary focus on those from the African Diaspora and girls.

Please be generous and help support us to continue offering opportunities for young people to participate in our flagship ensembles and to make progress to:
Tomorrow’s Warriors Junior Band, Youth Ensemble, Female Collective and Youth Orchestra and join our professional band, the Nu Civilisation Orchestra.

To find out more about how you can support us, please contact us: 

Help us to Inspire the next generation of young jazz musicians. THANK YOU.

*Tomorrow’s Warriors Trust Charity number: 1153613. Tomorrow’s Warriors Ltd, A Not For Profit Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England No 8341045.

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