Tomorrow's Warriors meet the legendary Harold Mabern
Tomorrow’s Warriors meet the legendary Harold Mabern at Jazz House Kids Summer Workshop in New Jersey [L-R: Cherise Coryna, Harold Mabern, Ife Ogunjobi, Daisy Corder, Joe Bristow] – photo courtesy of Jazz House Kids
To launch our new UK/USA partnership, our sister organisation, Jazz House Kids awarded scholarships to four members of Tomorrow’s Warriors to attend their amazing Summer Workshop in the USA from 1-14 August. After a careful selection process involving our music leader faculty, artistic director Gary Crosby and CEO Janine Irons, scholarships were awarded to Cherise Coryna (vocals/music leader), Ife Ogunjobi (trumpet), Daisy Corder (trumpet), and Joe Bristow (trombone).

They had an incredible two weeks – check out their and Tomorrow’s Warriors posts on Facebook – and touched down safely back at Heathrow on 15 August, describing their experience as ‘Amazing! It’s just like Tomorrow’s Warriors, but in New Jersey!’. They haven’t been able to stop smiling since they landed! It seems like nothing, not even the long-haul flight and jet lag, could dull the thrill of their Great American Adventure.

The photo gives a bit of a clue as to how awesome it was, as here are our four Warriors scholars meeting the living legend, Harold Mabern…and there were plenty more living legends to be met over that fortnight too!

You’ll hear more from the TW/JHK Scholars over the next few weeks as they document their reflections on this very special time.

A Facebook post by Joe Bristow gives a inkling of how special it was:

I can’t believe my time in New York is coming to an end. These last two weeks have gone so quickly. I can’t begin to put into words how amazing this experience has been. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with Jazz House Kids for welcoming me to their community. I have made friends for life, and have gained so much from being surrounded by some of the nicest, kindest and most talented people I’ve ever met.

I want to say a special thanks to Michele Rosewoman, Dave Gibson, Julius Tolentinofor sharing all of your advice, knowledge and wisdom. Also, a big thanks to Mario Bernard for looking after us Tomorrow’s Warriors guys for the two weeks, and for being such a supportive friend and warm hearted person. A huge thank you to Melissa Walker, Christian McBride, and Ted Chubb for making it possible for me to go to the camp. JHK would not exist without you guys. I and everyone in the camp has an unbelievable amount of respect for all of you and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your family and giving us opportunities to play at some of the best venues in the world, these experiences will stay with me forever.

The biggest thank you I want to give is to Tomorrow’s Warriors, and especially to Janine Irons and Gary Crosby. You have provided me with an opportunity I will never forget. I’ve met some of the biggest names in jazz because of you guys, and I have truly been inspired. Thank you so much for the amount of support you have shown me and allowing me to go to such an incredible place. I am unbelievably lucky to have such supportive friends and family, especially Jane Bristow, Ellie Bristow and David who have helped me along the way to going to NY. 

Finally, I want to wish all of my JHK family the best of luck for the future. I’m gonna miss you guys a lot. I hope to see you all again soon! Keep swinging hard!!!

It’s a beautiful thing! More news to follow soon from our Warriors, and from us, about this wonderful international partnership.

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