Today marks the full release of I AM WARRIOR now available on all digital platforms and as a limited edition double vinyl album!

Securing the Warriors legacy and championing the future of UK jazz – Tomorrow’s Warriors celebrates 30th anniversary with release of live recordings of specially commissioned work.

The Warriors alumni are a ‘who’s who’ of the hottest names in UK jazz and include Zara McFarlane, CHERISE, Camilla George, Cassie Kinoshi, Denys Baptiste, Nathaniel Facey, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Soweto Kinch, Mark Kavuma, Rosie Turton, Mark Crown, Shirley Tetteh, Ben Burrell, Binker Golding, Peter Edwards and Femi Koleoso. All of these alumni have created specially-commissioned pieces for the latest generation of young Warrior musicians to premiere at Tomorrow’s Warriors’ live I AM WARRIOR gigs at Jazz Café between 2019-2021 (where the recordings have been made) with many of the composers appearing as featured artists on their own pieces.


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