Your Will gives you the opportunity to protect the people and things that matter most to you, ensuring that your loved ones, the causes you most care about, and the music that has brought you such joy can thrive well into the future.

Tomorrow’s Warriors relies on the generosity of its supporters. By leaving a gift in your Will, you will support the musicians of tomorrow from diverse and challenging backgrounds and provide extraordinary, life-changing opportunities to those whose gift, in turn, will be music to the ears of future audiences. Your legacy will enable their musical legacy and help shape the future of UK jazz.

A gift in your Will will help protect all that Tomorrow’s Warriors stands for: diversity, equality, equity and inclusion, our ‘Each One Teach One’ ethos and, of course, great artists and jazz music. Your gift could prove vital in protecting a future with our shared values at their core, the values we hold so dear.

What can I leave Tomorrow’s Warriors in my Will?

Like musical instruments, legacies come in all shapes and sizes and each one, large or small, can have significant impact. In fact, as little as 1% of your estate can help ensure Tomorrow’s Warriors will be here to inspire future generations, to help them discover their magic and share their musical gifts with the world.

A pecuniary gift is a fixed sum of money and will be among the first gifts to be made from your estate. It can be index-linked to protect its value.

A residuary gift is a share of the ‘residue’ of your estate, and is made from the remainder of your estate, after any costs have been deducted and all pecuniary gifts have been made.

A specific gift is the gift of a specific item, such as a piece of art, jewellery or a musical instrument. Specific gifts can be left to Tomorrow’s Warriors to sell, or to be held according to your instructions. If you wish to include a gift of this type, please speak to us first to ensure we are able to accept and maintain your gift.

Leaving a legacy can be tax-efficient

Tomorrow’s Warriors Trust is a registered charity (No 1153613), so the value of your gift will be deducted from your estate before the tax is assessed. Also, if you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity in your Will then the overall amount of inheritance tax you have to pay will reduce from 40% to 36%, so it can be a tax-efficient way to support the cause you love.

If you would like to include Tomorrow’s Warriors in your Will, please ask your solicitor to use our full name and details to ensure the gift reaches us. These are:

Tomorrow’s Warriors Trust, registered charity number 1153613. 
Registered address:  73 Canning Road, Harrow HA3 7SP, England

You can find a qualified solicitor in your area by searching the Law Society or the Law Society of Scotland.

Let us know

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy gift, please get in touch with us on 020 8424 2807 or complete the contact form below