Coleridge Goode – Funeral and Celebration of Life – 6 Nov

On Friday 6 November, we're going to celebrate the life of the great bassist, Coleridge Goode with his family and friends. To members of Tomorrow's Warriors...some of you were fortunate enough to be introduced to him by Gary, and will know much Coleridge enjoyed speaking to you and hearing you play. If you would like to come and … Continue reading Coleridge Goode – Funeral and Celebration of Life – 6 Nov

RIP Coleridge Goode 1914-2015

Just sharing with you Gary Crosby's blog post of the passing of our dear friend, Coleridge Goode who died last Friday (2 Oct). All of us at Tomorrow's Warriors send our warm and sincere condolences to his family and friends. Coleridge was one of our artistic director, Gary Crosby's most important mentors and a staunch supporter of Tomorrow's … Continue reading RIP Coleridge Goode 1914-2015

An important man in UK jazz

According to broadcaster and radio presenter, Jez Nelson (BBC Radio Jazz on Three) our hard working artistic director is "of one of the most important men in UK Jazz". Never missing a good opportunity to give his fresh band an outing to enthusiastic crowds, our ever-youthful Gary Crosby OBE and his band Groundation have been … Continue reading An important man in UK jazz