Love Music? Gotta Learn Jazz

Tomorrow's Warriors Young Artist Development Programme and Emerging Artist Programme People ask us about our name "Tomorrow’s Warriors" all the time - the best we can say is that it stands for our fight for all young musicians - especially with an African-Caribbean heritage, girls and those who possess extraordinary artistic capacity who struggle to … Continue reading Love Music? Gotta Learn Jazz

Troy-umphant on the Night of 1,000 Musicians

After winning the best accolade in the UK for budding young jazz artists at the annual Music for Youth National Festival at Symphony Hall, Birmingham in the summer of 2014, we were again so filled with pride as Tomorrow's Warriors' TROY - one of the bands from our TW Female Collective - took part in the 2014 MFY … Continue reading Troy-umphant on the Night of 1,000 Musicians

Autumn Leaves = Gigs Galore

We are very excited about this year's London Jazz Festival season with so many of Tomorrow's Warriors groups showcasing their incredible creativity and talent with their own headline gigs. Join us to see and hear some fantastic sets from these talented musicians - many of the autumn gigs are free to attend so there's no … Continue reading Autumn Leaves = Gigs Galore