Yazz AhmedWe just LOVE to see women rising to the top and our dear friend, Yazz Ahmed is no exception. A trumpeter and fluegelhorn player par excellence, Yazz is presenting her all-female Quintette at PizzaExpress Jazz Club in Soho on Wednesday 26 March as part of the Thump Festival.

Yazz was one of our cohort of three UK artists (with Gary Crosby and Denys Baptiste) in the Interplay collaboration we co-produced in 2012 with our Swedish partners, Musik i Syd. Back then, she was writing some incredibly beautiful music so we think you’ll be in for a treat with this gig. According to Yazz, they’ll be featuring their excellent drummer, Sophie Alloway and audiences can expect ‘a diverse programme, rich with alluring melodies, hypnotic grooves and organic improvisation’ (and they promise not to thump anyone!). Go buy your ticket!

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