We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Brighton-based organisation AudioActive later this month for a special project entitled FUSE, that brings together live digital production, urban music and jazz.

A select group of musicians from our Young Artist Development Programme will work alongside young people from AudioActive for one week during the summer holidays to create a brand new set of music to be showcased as part of Southbank Centre Friday Tonic Series at 5.30pm on Friday 1 August.

To kickstart our collaboration, we invited AudioActive music leader, Jack Kingslake to run a development session with some of our Warriors at Southbank Centre. In a flash, with just a laptop and few bits of kit, Jack transformed the Violet Room into Tomorrow’s Warriors’ very own music production suite and, working together, our Warriors wrote and recorded a song from scratch.

Each musician took it in turns to play their part in, and they also had an opportunity to man the controls at the mixing desk. Jack showed the group several tricks that producers use to build up arrangements and in two short hours, we had our finished song. Here it is!

Cherise Adams-Burnett - Vocals and Lyrics
Donavan Haffner - Alto Saxophone
Kalysha Stapleton - Piano (top register)
Leah Morris - Piano (middle register)
Michael Albert - Double Bass
Sam Manyumbu - Drums

Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed applying skills they’ve learnt in our regular sessions to a different discipline. And if this is what can be achieved in one session, we can’t wait to see what’s going to come out of the full scale project!

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