Nerija at THSH BirminghamLast year, Tomorrow’s Warriors’ flagship female ensemble, Nérija was awarded a Music for Youth Jazz Partnership Award sponsored by Town Hall Symphony Hall following the band’s success in the MFY Regional Festival in Birmingham. So, on 25 April Nérija took up the prize offer of a double bill performance with the Jazzlines Trio as part of THSH’s Jazzlines programme in Birmingham. Good fun was had by all and some great music played by both bands, with new friendships forged as a result.

Said Nérija: It was great to collaborate with our contemporaries, the Jazzlines Trio at Birmingham Symphony Hall. We had a great time performing each other’s compositions in front of a live audience and are grateful to Tomorrow’s Warriors, Jazzlines and Music For Youth Festival for facilitating this opportunity.

The audience of course had a ball, with some punters commenting they were surprised the girls were so good! Though we’re certain the comments were made (and taken) as a compliment, it does go to show there is still some way to go in achieving parity with male musicians in terms of expectations of female instrumentalists. Mind you, Nérija are pretty well ahead of the game in changing attitudes in this regard so perhaps it won’t be too long before the tide turns! Keep going, ladies!

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