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We were thrilled to meet up again with our friends at Samyo when we invited them to join Tomorrow’s Warriors Youth Warriors and music leaders at Southbank Centre for another sharing day. Samyo is the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music, and is the only youth orchestra in Britain to combine North and South Indian music traditions with Western influences and orchestral elements.

Last year, we had a very inspiring afternoon sharing and learning from the different approaches we take to our respective musical disciplines, and so we were all delighted to have another opportunity to work together again. Later in the evening, we were treated to some enthralling performances by their young musicians as part of their annual showcase at Southbank Centre.

All of our Warriors thoroughly enjoy sharing days such as the ones with Samyo as, without fail, they come away with a bagload of inspiration and an enhanced armoury of musical skills.

Here’s looking forward to seeing our friends and colleagues at Samyo very soon!

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