We’re excited to announce that our co-founder and CEO, Janine Irons has been honoured in the Alternative Power 100 Music List 2019, an honours list established in 2014 by SheSaid.So, a global network of women in the music industry, as a response to Billboard’s Power 100 List with the aim to challenge conventional music industry standards.

Janine Irons addresses the audience at The Brighton Dome
Janine Irons MBE, Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s Warriors

The news came as a complete surprise to Janine, though she was clearly delighted to be recognised by respected peers alongside other industry colleagues.

Emily Moxon, Managing Director of Brownswood Recordings and board member of UK independent music trade body, AIM UK said of Janine:

She has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to nurture budding musicians and fund raise to keep Tomorrow’s Warriors at the forefront of developing a new generation of jazz musicians. I am particularly struck by how many female band leaders have grown out of this organisation.

Said Janine:

Of course it’s always a good feeling to have one’s work acknowledged and endorsed. Training and enabling female musicians and BAME musicians to take the lead in jazz continues to be a priority. I feel very privileged to have helped bring through some seriously impressive women who, still in their 20s, are being hailed internationally as some of the most exciting artists in jazz today. There’s still much more work to be done to make such women the norm rather than some kind of accident or surprise, and I’ll continue doing all I can to make that happen. Thank you Emily and the team at SheSaid.So for recognising me in #AltList2019!

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