The other day, we received a request to send some pictures of members of Tomorrow’s Warriors engaged in musical activity when they were little. So, just for fun, can you guess who these cute little jazz kids are now they’re big jazz grown-ups?

Send us your answers using the form below no later than 12 noon on Saturday 18 April, then we’ll toss all correct entries into a snare drum case, and pluck out the winning entry. The winner will receive a copy of the excellent biography, Joe Harriott: Fire In His Soul by Alan Robertson that also happens to have a foreword by our Artistic Director, Gary Crosby published by Northway Books – why not pay them a visit now and check out their other great titles!

Every competition has rules, but ours are really simple: 

Staff and members of Tomorrow’s Warriors can’t enter for obvious reasons (that includes the individuals in the photos…don’t even think about it!), and, sorry, there are definitely no cash prizes! Good luck, and no conferring! 😉


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