Tomorrow’s Warriors is delighted to be one of a number of potential beneficiaries of the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation‘s 2017 Music Instrument Amnesty this October (Thanks so much you guys, and thanks to the inimitable Norah Jones for supporting the campaign!). 

So, here it is. If you’re holding your old instrument hostage in an attic, a cupboard or offsite storage facility, now’s the time to set it free! Hand in your preloved instrument as part of this year’s amnesty to secure it a new lease of life and a lot of love in the hands of an aspiring young musician who otherwise could not afford to buy one. We promise the jazz police won’t arrest you! 😉

How does it work?

Download Instrument Amnesty Form

Once you have completed the Instrument Amnesty Form and sent it to Ronnie Scotts (details on the form), they will assess your proposed instrument gift and send you a confirmation to go to Ronnie Scotts Club on Saturday 28 October 2017. Your instrument will be given a tracking number enabling Ronnie Scotts Charitable Foundation to inform you of its ultimate destination.

All kinds of instruments are accepted under the amnesty (see below) but Tomorrow’s Warriors particularly needs:

  • 1 x baritone saxophone
  • 1 x double bass
  • 2 x electric piano / keyboard
  • Handheld/Latin percussion
  • 1 x bass amp
  • 1 x guitar amp

When? Saturday 28 October 2017 (10am-4pm)

Where? Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 47 Frith Street, W1D 4HT

What can you hand in? KEYBOARDS/ELECTRIC PIANOS; BRASS AND WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS such as: Tubas, Saxes (baritone/alto/tenor), Trumpets, Trombones, Sousaphones, French Horns, Flutes, Clarinets, Bassoons, Oboes; as well as BASSES (upright/electric), GUITARS (acoustic/electric), STRING INSTRUMENTS such as Cello’s, Violins, Viola’s; DRUM KITS, PERCUSSIONS (hand held/Latin); Bell Trees, Gongs, Xylophones; as well as TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS such as Tabla, Oud and Djembe and ANY EQUIPMENT: mics stands & leads, amps, effects pedals, PA systems etc.

Instruments and equipment in good condition or needing only minor repairs are preferred, as beneficiary charities/individuals may not be able to afford to repair them.

Important note: Instruments will be shared across several charities depending on which instruments they need. If you particularly wish to donate your instrument to Tomorrow’s Warriors, please make sure to specify this on the form!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your generous gifts! 



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